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Covid 19. Top Printers 2020 Diary.

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

March 2020 came with an unwelcome guest and unexpected twist of events. Covid 19 turned things upside down. On March 8th the area surrouning our factory location was cordoned off by police in a attempt to stop the spread of Covid 19. Since our factory and office location was in industrial area where lot of workers stayed together in close quarters, it was a hot spot as soon as the first infections were reported.

There was panic during the first few days as people crowded the available supermarkets for food and amenities. Soon things normalized and all of us accepted the reality and the need to self quarantine to avoid catching and spreading of the virus. It was a tough and unexpected time of our lives. Many of our client orders were cancelled. My June 2020 the quarantine was slowly relaxed and we had restricted entry to bring goods in and out. All of our employees in street 24 factory accomodation took real care and since all precautions was in place so no one was contracted with the virus. By the beginning of June the restrictions were relaxed for entry to Industrial area. By the end of June all our staff in street 24 underwent the swab tests a second time to recieve the negative result which was a big relief and motivation to to be back to work. Job enquiries and jobs are returning back and we are all hoping for the best. We salute the health workers, the goverment officials and all those who were in the forefront fighting for us and we will be forever grateful for their hard work and dedication in fighting against this disease. We are grateful to the goverment and our management for the support during the difficult times.

Regarding the the economy and business, we are confident that things will be better than before. We are all set to recover what was lost, in the coming months ahead.

To all our valued clients : we thank you for your support and are happy to announce to you that all our employees are healthy and ready to serve you. All precautions are in place for disinfections and we are truly cautious about the safety of every one of our staff and those with whom we interact. Every one is following the strict covid 19 goverment guidelines.

Let us all work together for a better future.

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